Customer Experience Workshops

At CustCore we know that sometimes companies need help kick-starting a customer experience program, designing great experiences or running specific, focussed improvement activities. Rather than engaging consultants for long projects, it is sometimes better to have some help running short, sharp workshops which can move projects along. 

Our Customer Experience Workshops deliver significant value to our clients in a short time-frame, and can be tailored specifically to any given situation. Details of some of workshops can be found below.


Customer Experience Strategy

Without a strategy, it is virtually impossible to align the business around "wowing" customers.

At the end of  this workshop, a company will have a clear and well articulated customer experience strategy documented and ready for sharing and implementation in the broader business

Duration: 2 days


Customer Journey Mapping

Designing great experiences is key to business success.

The Customer Journey Mapping workshop involves identifying and then mapping out the experiences that a company aims to deliver, and how it will do so in the real world.

Duration: 0.5 - 2 days


Customer Centric Culture

Having the right culture in place is critical for driving successful customer and business outcomes.

This workshop focusses on helping companies to analyse their current culture, identify any shortcomings in customer centricity, and build a program of work to close these gaps.

Duration: 1 day