At CustCore we work with companies to measure and improve their customers end-to-end experience, with a specific focus on really understanding customers and driving significant business improvement based on customer insights . We are experienced at translating strategy into operational improvements and activities, and utilise a range of methodologies depending on the specific needs of our clients. 

We aim to deliver value to our clients from the start of an engagement. Our unique delivery model supports your business until the project objectives are achieved. So, you can rest assured we will support you and your business until the project is complete - no matter how long it takes. 

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Whilst each project is different, there are a number of common steps we take in every project we deliver.

  1. Objective & Value Definition - This critical step begins all projects and involves us working together with you to define the objectives of the project and what value it will deliver to you and your business. 
  2. Methodology - Rather than focussing on a single methodology, based on the objectives defined for each project we utilise a range of improvement and project methodologies in our work and will explain these to you upfront.
  3. Delivery - Once the objectives, value and methodology are defined, we focus on delivery of the project and the value associated with it. 
  4. Ongoing Support - We are not the type of consultancy who delivers a report or plan and then walks away - we will continue to support you in achieving the objectives of your business as and when required. 

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Our unique value delivery and project structure means that we never structure our fees based on time. Instead, for each project we work with you to define the objectives and value delivered and then give you a fixed price fee for delivery of that value.

This offers a number of benefits that most consultancy firms don't offer, including:

  1. You never have to worry about costs being incurred for individual phone calls, meetings or advice. Our fixed price means you can call on us any time to discuss the project, the delivery or anything else.
  2. A time based model does not incentivise a firm to deliver project results quickly - the longer they work, the more they get paid. Our model means it is in everyone's interest for us to deliver quickly - providing you the value you need in a shorter time-frame.
  3. By basing the fee on value delivered everyone gets a fair share of the pie.

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