CustCore is a boutique consultancy firm founded by Shane Goldberg and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our client base includes small, medium and large businesses across many industries. We help these businesses identify and harness areas for new growth by focussing on improving end-to-end customer experience, process management and sales operations.

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Shane has a strong customer experience, strategy and business improvement background from his 12+ years working with Telstra as well as the skills gained whilst undertaking his MBA at Melbourne Business School. Using this experience, Shane realised that significant growth can be delivered in any business by integrating a customer lens with a focus on improving the operational aspects of sales, marketing and product management, and as a result CustCore was born.

During his time at Telstra, Shane led teams of 60+ people, managed products with revenue of $100M+ and led projects delivering NPS improvements of 10+ point and greater than $10M cost savings per annum. At Telstra, Shane worked in a number of different areas, from sales operations to product management, business improvement to customer experience. By utilising the knowledge gained in these many different roles along with Shane’s experience working with and observing the many companies looking to sell goods and services to Telstra, Shane brings his unique blend of business capabilities and analytical skills to any engagement.

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